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Friday, September 21, 2007

4th Meeting of Foundations from Portuguese Speaking Countries 

I haven't post in a while. Work and a soon-to-be-finished PhD, I hope, have kept me away from posting. Anyway, I'm currently in Luanda, in Angola, participating in what is the 4th Meeting of Foundations from the Portuguese Speaking Countries Community. For those more distracted, this community comprises Angola, Brazil, Cape Vert, Guiné Bissau, Mozambique, Portugal, São Tomé and Prince, and East Timor: which means, totally, more than 220 million people speaking Portuguese. The rationale of this event goes around "one common language as a strategic asset in the foundations intervention in aid and development". It’s very soon to conclude about the usefulness of this meeting, but so far, it’s has been thrilling to learn about the work of some African foundations despite their difficult political-social-economic-cultural national contexts. 3 foundations to follow carefully: Fundação Lurdes Mutola, and Fundação para o Desenvolvimento da Comunidade, in Mozambique, and Fundo Lwini, in Angola (this one, without an English website, unfortunatelly).

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